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Baptism Video

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, the church had a baptismal ceremony in the valley about an hour outside of town. It was a beautiful time of celebration for believers coming together to demonstrate an outward expression of an internal change in Christ. They have each gone through or are currently going through discipleship. We praise […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Foundation Family and FriendsWishing you all blessed, happy and safe ThanksgivingKnow that we are thankful to our awesome God and thankful for all you do for His Kingdom purposes! God Bless…Love and prayers Steve and Sharonne BeamandAll of us at Foundation for Missions **Please note that our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November […]

Botswana and Alaska Adventures

Travelling with the Tuckers First off I should say we officially got our resident permits for Botswana! And just like God it was before Thad left for Alaska!! We Praise the Lord for His perfect timing and blessings!   This month has been very full already! While Thad is in Alaska working on the house and helping the kids, Elie and I […]


Do you know what omnipresent means?   In simple terms…. God knows where you are and what you need. We need reminding sometimes and He will encourage us in the most unique ways. While we were in the states doing our rounds of medical appointments, we visited our daughter who works at Mulberry Christian Academy. While […]

70 more boxes!

We want to share with you some recent news about our ministry… 70 boxes of rice! We are very happy for this donation and for being able to support our children in San Miguel de las Flores with a better diet.  Many of our children in San Miguel suffer from malnutrition and our goal for […]


This was a few days ago, at the Tracks, with Marcos, one of our builders, inside the house we are making, and we are putting in the footers to make the dividing walls for Mariela and her family. Brother Rolando, the chief builder of our SHACK ATTACK, is with me in front of the next […]

We have Travel Plans-Tuckers in Africa

 Well last month our newsletter was a little late and this month it is early! I wanted to get it out to you now because we will be in the bush again until the middle of August. We leave this weekend and will be at least one week in Magopa (sounds like Mah-hope-ah). We will then […]

Into the Bush-African Style

Thad and Sara Tucker-Southern Africa After joining with a wonderful group of Young people with the Every Nation Church. We left for the Bush on June 26th and traveled over 1,100km to Northwest Botswana. It was a two day trip, we camped overnight in Dekar. Where we had no water or toilets due to lack of water in […]

Services and One Stop Shopping

In Need of Something? What do you do while you wait out a traffic light? Probably just tap the wheel impatiently and wait. The red light seems to last forever. Here in Nicaragua the experience is so different. You can get your windshield cleaned, buy new wipers or a steering wheel cover while you wait. […]