Rev. Steven Gerald Beam

President and Founder

Steve founded and pioneered the work of Missionary Ventures International from 1983 to 2008 with offices in the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. These offices send mission teams, funds, expertise, aid and relief to over a hundred countries worldwide. He has over 30 years of experience around the globe setting up nonprofit entities in many developing countries and working with indigenous leaders to establish Bible schools, primary schools, vocational educational programs, community development programs, hospitals, clinics, orphanages, feeding centers, and planting thousands of churches each year.

Steve founded The Foundation of Saint Peter, doing business as Foundation for Mission in 2008 and is an interdenominational development organization to leverage funding to bring together government, charities, relief agencies, and churches to focus on making macro effects in developing countries.

This past couple of years have brought some significant challenges for Foundation leadership; Steve’s health, an ongoing challenge in the finances of the mission, the difficulties of fund-raising for the central costs of the Foundation and, more recently, operating in the COVID environment.

For  Steve, this is one of the toughest decisions he has had to face. The past four decades have been dedicated to God’s mission call on his life. The heart is the same, but the body is not.
It’s been a great honor and privilege for Steve and Sharonne to partner with you in missions.
And it is with much sadness that they believe this is the time to start the closure of Foundation for Missions and close the 501(c)3 (nonprofit) with the support of the Board of Trustees following a meeting held with them in October 2020.
We plan on closing Foundation or Missions from May 1st, 2021.
Donations to Foundation for Missions cannot be accepted after that date.

We ask that you kindly connect directly with your missionary partner as they transition to a new organisation over the next few months (if they have not connected with you already).

It has been a great honor Steve, to serve the Lord in this capacity for over 40 years, and for Sharonne the last 12 years. They will miss it dearly; knowing that with all of God’s changes come new opportunities to experience God’s wonderful Grace.
We will keep you all updated and in the meantime we are so very grateful….
Thanks so much for your prayers, understanding and support.
The Foundation Team