Avail Mission-UK (Partnership)

Chris French

Update January 2021:**Please note that this website will close as we close Foundation for Missions on April 30th, 2021. Please be in contact with your missionary partner on how best to redirect your donations**
Avail Mission is based in Leeds in the UK. It  was founded in 1988, and is registered as a charity called Avail it is administered by a board of trustees that is legally responsible to the UK Charity Commission.
Foundation for Missions has had a working relationship with Chris French, along with his wife Shirley, from Avail for a few years, principally benefiting mission workers registered both with Avail and with Foundation. 
Chris’ duties with Avail include overseeing the day-to-day running of the office and travelling around the world visiting mission workers. This partnership gives greater depth to both missions.
Foundation for Missions is very grateful for our friendship with Chris French, and Avail Mission, and the wonderful wisdom and support they have afforded us and our missionaries over the last few years.

Contact Chris French:

Email: Availmission@aol.com 

Website Link: Avail Mission