Douglas Richards

Central America:

Sharing the Gospel, Training Indigenous Christian Leadership, Feeding Programs

Doug Richards

I have no greater passion than feeding the hungry. Every person gets hungry at some time or another and I would never let a starving person continue in their hunger pains while I idly sit back and watch. However, it is spiritual food that I long to distribute to the hungry. It is the diet of believers, the word of God, the food that changes all circumstances.

God has given me a great gift of understanding and a unique ability to teach others. I find my greatest fulfillment in life when a life is changed and a person opens like a budding flower right before my eyes. Unfortunately, I am only one member of the body of Christ and cannot be within the reach of every person who hungers for Truth and thirsts for righteousness. Though I have found that I can play a vital role in a global effort to reach all that do. That is why I have joined The Foundation as an Ambassador. With The Foundation, I have already found myself bringing a fresh word from the Lord to Pastors and other persons in the foreign mission field who intently hang on every word. It is so refreshing to teach those who salivate from anticipation of God’s revelation. I have also identified needs in their communities and successfully sought to bring life changing resources to them. I have found that I do not have to be in the foreign mission field permanently to make a huge impact in people’s lives and help to fulfill our great commission to reach all the nations.

I am utterly amazed at the journey God has put me on that led me back into foreign missions. I grew up in a mission minded home and a mission minded church. My parents traveled throughout the Caribbean leading teams on all kinds of short mission trips to build churches, schools, and parsonages. I got my first chance to go when I was but a preteen in 1985 to Dominican Republic. I returned alone in 1988 for a 6 week mission where I received my calling into missions myself. I have since studied for 2 years in a ministry development institute, was commissioned as a licensed minister, and served 5 years as Sr. Pastor of a local Church. Through all this, I discovered what my exact purpose in life and the extent of the calling I received from the Lord at the young age of 15.

I am currently teaching in a prison ministry and serving in a local church.

Meanwhile, I will continue my efforts in being a vital participant in the growth of Pastors and their laypersons and connecting the resource to the need abroad. May Christ our Lord be glorified in it all.


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