Justin Boothby

Ambassador: Foundation for Missions

A voice for missions/churches through videography

“Currently I am pursuing ministry in a new way as a voice for Missionaries and Churches through videography. Videos have taken over our culture and social media, and I want to fill those pages with what God is doing all around the world.

I recently finished an M.A. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East. I completed my M.Div. at Regent University in May 2014 and I received my B.S. in Practical Theology with a minor in Missions from Southeastern University in May 2011. I have served as a Youth Pastor for 5 years. Although I have been called to many different ministries and people groups, the main aspect of my ministry is authenticity and “realness.”It’s important for me as a follower of Jesus to be honest with Him in my practical, daily life and to be genuine with others as well.”

Here is a link to the work in Honduras: http://marehproductions.com/honduras/

Videographer, Speaker, LifeCoach, & Web Designer

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