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Lew & Mariesa Davis

Lew & Mariesa Davis

Dr. Lew and Mariesa Davis answered the call as full time missionaries in 1989 to work in a Christian school in The Republic of the Marshall Islands. After working there for a year they found the need to return to the U.S. to further their education in order to be more effective in RMI’s greatest areas of need. When they returned to the RMI, Lew had his doctorates in Theology and Christian Education and opened a Bible College to train up pastors and Christian leaders. Mariesa had earned a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and opened a clinic in the small village of Laura from which she practiced nursing. She helped improve the national nursing program by developing and implementing the testing, licensure, and continuing education for nurses. She also spent three years ensuring the hospital rules and regulations for nurses was in compliance with the Nurse Practice Act passed by the Congress of the RMI.

The Lord provided a family from the U. S. to continue the work begun in the RMI when in 2005 they felt God’s call to move to Bolivia. They moved there to help the people of Rurrenabaque, a small village at the edge of the Amazon jungle. While in Bolivia they continued and expanded the work started by members of a church in Carrabelle, FL. Lew opened a Bible College there which is still running with nationals Franz and Deysi Capriles as directors. After nearly four years in Bolivia the Lord called them to minister in Arequipa, Peru. The Davises are now based out of Marble, NC, and are continuing as Missionary Ambassadors to the nations through The Foundation.

In Peru, we worked in a variety of ministries. Lew opened El Centro de Entrenamiento Biblico, a Bible College in Arequipa. He taught most of the classes but brought in special instructors from the U.S. to teach some courses. Lew and another missionary, Rev Charles Dean, sponsored and conducted the local Pastors’ Association which held regular monthly meetings in addition to special training and meetings. Mariesa worked with medical teams and partnered with an organization named MMI. She along with the teams traveled to many areas around Peru helping provide much needed medical care. We were also chaplains for MMI. We worked with an orphanage named Casa Hogar El Amor de Dios. In partnership with José and Gloria Ingalls along with others, we built a second orphanage. We helped sponsor a church and feeding center in Peruarbo, a poor area outside of Arequipa. We ran a mission house which housed teams and visited many areas of the country evangelizing and helping the needy. We also gave away hundreds of pairs of glasses in a free program started by a North Carolina church team.

Since we have returned to the U.S. the works in Peru and Bolivia continue to flourish under the supervision of capable local workers. We are still working with these ministries, communicating regularly with them and funneling your financial support monthly. God is blessing the ministries in both Peru and Bolivia.

Your ongoing financial support helps fund these works.

With thanks and blessings

Lew and Mariesa

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