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Mark & Erin Proffitt

Mark & Erin Proffitt

 “Mark, when are you going to have the courage to admit that you are called to be a missionary?”  Steve Beam said these words to me over a year ago while we were having lunch in a restaurant in Tampa, Fl.

My wife Erin and I had been serving in pastoral ministry for over twenty years but we always had a feeling that we were not doing enough for the Lord. Our schedules were full and we spent time preparing sermons and Bible studies but at times it seemed as if we were going through the motions of ministry. We both enjoy doing outreach and ministering to people who would not normally attend church on a regular basis.

A few years ago Erin and a few ladies from church began a ministry to exotic dancers who worked in a few of the many strip clubs that Tampa is known for. I would be jealous as Erin would share how God would use her team to share His love with the dancers.

It was during these moments when I would think back to the times when God truly used me to my fullest. Ironically, it was whenever I was on a short-term mission trip that this would occur. It was during these trips when the Lord would stretch me beyond my limits and comfort zone. I would come back home and be energized to do more for Him but soon I would be back into my routine of ministry. I was being blessed but not fulfilled. In reality I was miserable. God in His love and grace blessed everything I did but I was out of His perfect will for my life and I knew it. The word’s that Steve spoke to me was the wake up call I needed.

I recently resigned from my job at church and re-signed to serve the Lord in missions. My heart is to teach and train pastors on the mission field and to help establish Bible Schools and Training Centers to equip my brothers and sisters in other nations to take the gospel to the people of their towns, villages and cities.

For this reason Erin and I have joined hands with The Foundation to assist in the fulfillment of Jesus’ command to “Feed My Lambs”.

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